Fall 2011 in the USA

Okay so last we talked I was still in new york, fiddling around with my new Ipad. Lots has happened since. I got the silly thing to work and have been talking to many of my loved ones ever since. But let’s start where I last left off. Sushi dinner with Mark on tuesday and another meet with the I-man on wednesday. Decided to go to the public library of NYC. Had never been there and seen it in many movies. This is one of those times where you actually pick out a few lovely places to go see, rather than go on yet another circle line tour or a tourist trap. I walked down there on 5th. Avenue…. but halfway found my old metro card. Hopped on the bus for a few more stops. the library building itself is a site to visit!!! Forget about the volumes and volumes of books stored there, or first editions in the basement, or old fashioned micro-fische department. Had a fantabulous time looking at the special exhibit, with of course the Gutenberg bible on display, but also, much to my surprise the journal of Ernest Hemmingway, in which he wrote his acceptance speech for the Nobel prize he won. Literature of course… duh… This is a library you won’t forget easily. The thing that struck me most was that in the main hall….. surrounded by tons of books, everyone…. and I mean EVERYONE… was sitting behind a computer screen!!! What’s wrong with a nice leatherbound saddlestitched book????
Left after an hour or so, grabbed a roastbeef sandwich… for the dutch readers… this is roastbeef with some bread wrapped around it. Which I ate in the park. A guy bummed me out of 5 dollars saying he was a veteran… oh well… glad to help. Signs in the park said I couldn’t smoke. I should smell the flowers…. what friggin’ flowers???? All I smelt was the exhaust fumes from the gazillion cars in town. But okay I didn’t light up.
Later that day the I-man and I met up, bought some dvd’s which I was to burn with his latest Holland-America show, so the band would know what to expect. Went down to the cigar store to see if the lighter had a faster way of getting fixed, other than 5 weeks… alas…
Back on the terrace the neighboring building had a guy fixing stuff. His wrench fell on the terrace. Nimble mynx as the I-man is, it only took him 12 throws to get that wrench back up 3 floors. What a hoot. And now I have to check my little entries in facebook to see what else was going on that day or the days following. I will be back with more.

Love to all
Miss D (as I am officially now called by anyone under 15 years of age)


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