Birthdays are fun

I just got home…. yeah, I call this place home… from a truly wonderful birthday afternoon/night…  after a quiet 2 hours in my apartment, Mark and Inga knocked on my door. Meanwhile the maitre ‘D had sent up some nice chilled white wine and great red. I was ready to entertain..<snort>.. Got some great pressies from them. A puzzle straw that I won’t even try explaining on this board, it would take to long, and a great umbrella with the sky painted on the inside… Really amazing. While sipping wine and catching up, Max and Laura called saying they were on their way, but got stuck in traffic… guess what? There was this big POLISH parade going on on 5th. Ave…. lol…Our street was even closed up by an overzealous traffic cop. Gosh they do feel important with all that gear hanging from their belt and a whistle in their mouth. Hysterical. So William, the doorman, helped her out with his whistle, but promised he would take care of Max and Laura as soon as they’d get there. Sure enough, not much later they showed up and were taken care off.  It was great to see Max again and finally meet his wonderful wife! She’s a hoot! And can hold her liquor. Always good in my books… She had made me the most beautiful tea box from wood. HOMEMADE!!!! I was very impressed, its for all my tealoving friends back home 🙂

We spent  2 hours in my appartment and out on the terrace. The weather still being great. (b.t.w I found my parasol in the corner of the terrace this morning… I guess it flew out )..  After our initial meet and greet and cocktails, we walked.. YES YES you read correctly, we walked to Fiorello’s… 63rd. and Broadway. A favorite I was introduced to some years ago by John and Diane. Thank goodness I made reservations because the place was packed when we got there. It thinned out a little after an hour or so. Maybe people going to the ballet…(no opera this night). We had a fantastic dinner, lots of laughs and to top it off, I had a birthday cheesecake with a burning candle. (which I  blew out with one nostril) rotflmao…  famous also is the buckets of real cream and chocolate mousse. Yummm… We taxied back home, except for Max, he didn’t fit in the taxi, so he ran. Picked up their car, had some sanitary issues resolved and drove to Dangerfields. Now I’ve heard from insiders that it’s “a toilet”… well what can I say. It was better than I expected… but the crowd was tough!!! Lots of tourists who didn’t get most of the jokes. Poor Max had to work hard up on that stage. But hey… we liked it!! I think he loves the dutch audience way more now.. <grin>

Everyone went on their merry way afterwards. Inga, Mark and I shared a cab to the hotel and now I’m chillaxing…… Tomorrow a lazy kind of day with maybe a visit to the library and later on……. a visit from … oh c’mon you know who.. 🙂

More later friends. I had a super birthday!!!!!!!!!! Thanks everyone for the congrats on facebook, mail and other means of correspondence. I am a blessed 55 yo.

ps if possible I’ll try to upload some pix

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