and live continues in the big “fruit” october 4th

I slept in, or out, or late….. Made plans to meet up with Mark. He was suppposed to come up, but I was down in the bar, watched him walk by, so knocked on the window and we sat for a while, sipping a wine and beer. This afternoon was dedicated to visiting the Apple store. Not the one on 5th. avenue which is crowded by tourists. Mark knew there was another one on Broadway and 63rd. street. Less crowded, just as good. We went downstairs in the glass cube to get a lovely cover for the iPad and then had the airMac and iPad2 and the new phone explained to us. I was tempted by the notebook, but hey I had to choose. My iPhone works perfectly fine… it actually makes calls…. so I was not interested in a new phone. Besides it’s tough to get it simlock free in order to use it at home. We checked prices… they will go for 100$ next week, but it will cost like 400$ extra to get it simlock free. That’s the iphone 4!!!! Ridiculous. The iphone 5 was not out yet……. So I went to look for the ipad 2. only and only because it has the camera. Now I can skype on my iPad.!!!!! Of course I had aid over and over that I didn’t need the iPad2…. but hey.. when in that la la land… one is tempted. So sure enough I’m now the proud owner of a new gadget!! Little did we anticipate that the founder of Apple would pass on the next day.

With purchases in hand, Mark and I wanted to walk back to the Sushi place we like, but ended up taking a cab. BAD choice…. rush hour NYC is a zoo!!! Top that of with traffic cops taking over from the stoplights… madhouse!!! But we made it and had a fantastic Sushi dinner!!!  Mark had to leave around 7 pm to meet up with Inga and their friends visiting from Poland.
I didn’t mind… I had a new toy to play with… Later that evening, got hungry. Sushi does that to you, so I went down to the bar and sure enough, I was just in time to order a thin crusted pizza and a drink. Met up with the dutch lady I’d met a few days before so we caught up on the latest and had a great late night at the bar. Sheesh, it’s been ages since they turn on the harsh headlights in the bar and stand in the corner with coats over their arms, waiting for the guests to friggin’ leave… haha… I spent the rest of the evening/night getting the damned ipad2 to work….

more later folks

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  1. Albert Prins zegt:

    Dear Denise,
    Zo ver van huis en toch alles horen wat je overkomt. T’Is toch wat met al die moderne techniek hé. Fijn als het werkt, stom als het niet lukt. Nu begrijp ik waarom je bij het chatten wegviel. Zo je ziet ben ik nog laat wakker. Blogschrijven, je weet wel. Het is verslavend. Maar ook dwingend nu ik elke dag zoveel lezers heb. Ze verwachten weer een nieuw verhaaltje en zijn nog meer benieuwd welk videoclipje ik er “aanhang.”
    Misschien ook leuk voor je American Friends, want er zijn ook aardige Cityclips bij van New York en Chicago, maar ook over de Provence, Spanje en een Antico Matrimoni op Sardinië.. Binnenkort schrijf ik over American Native basketweaving.
    All the best, drive doucement.
    Groet van Ab.

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