honey I’m Home, october 3rd

Some days have past since I last posted new news… (that’s an oximoron or whatever it’s called overhere….. haha). Needless to say I have been reeling from my birthday fest…. but then the next day my lovely friend Ian was going to visit me. He’s busy directing shows..and rehearsals…and playing the xylophone… of course.. yet there he was at 4 pm. in a wonderful outfit, downstairs at the desk asking for miss denise notermans… that’s me!! I had just gone downstairs to my wonderful bar staff to get another bottle of excellent Barolo 2003!!!! So I hooked my arm in his and took the I-man upstairs to my humble abode… Lots of ooh’s and aah’s, while checking out the place and getting reaquainted. It was extremely pleasant… to say the least.. but since this is a public forum, I shall not get into details… haha… people who know me… and there’s lots of you out there, can vividly imagine how that went about 😉 I got a lovely present of gold-tipped multi coloured smokes…. they are exquisite!!!!

So my monday was fanfuckintastic. Before my re-meet with the I-man I walked, yes, walked, to the public library of NYC. It’s an amazing, truly magnificent, building. I walked down 5th avenue and never even glanced at all the 5th. avenue stores. I’m not in need of anything they sell.. ;-). Snort…

The library was fantastic…. I saw it once in a movie… (duh)… but in reality it was way more impressive. I soon found myself lost in all the corridors and halls and whatnots… The most remarkable however was, that the people there, surrounded by millions!!! yes millions of books, microfiches and all such, were all sitting behind a computer terminal… ARGH!!! One can do that at home, right??? when you are surrounded by the most famous first editions, the Gutenberg bible just to name a few… WHY DON’T THEY READ THE FRIGGIN’ BOOKS?? It was amazing,… Anyhow, walked around, majorly impressed with what I saw, took my pictures and studied the special exhibit on display. Read the Nobel price speech of Ernest Hemmingway, one of my favorite writers…..

Afterward found a great deli, where I bought a roastbeef sandwich. Now for the dutch amongst us….. this is like a pound of meat with some bread on both sides. In holland this would cost a fortune… and considered over the top… here I paid only
$ 7,00, a bargain which we netherlanders love. Ate it in the park after donating money towards a “veteran”. Again as said the meet with the I-man was wonderful!! After our initial ritual of getting back together, and since my appartment here is such a great place, we decided to stay in and have dinner in the room. We dressed in our bathrobes (yes we were dressed slightly casual an hour earlier) and ordered food. I crancked up the heating…. the man loves warmth…. and even turned on the fake fireplace. In the background the Bose system was trying to please our ears.
Dinner consisted of  a thin crusted pizza and an original club sandwich, which we shared…. it was truly lovely sitting there in the heat with the robes on. A night to remember.The rest of the evening left me with a big shiteating grin on my face.. and that’s all I’m going to say.

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